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Letter from Spencer Krueger

Stallions Family: Here's a note from Alum (Hersey, 2016) Spencer Krueger, who is currently in New Zealand participating in a high performance academy with the Canterbury Crusaders.

Hello all,

I cannot believe that I have already been down here for a month, the time is flying past. When I first arrived and started the camp I thought that they were going to tell me to forget everything that I had previously known and teach me to do everything a different way.This couldn't have been further from the truth . While they are showing me new ways and techniques to do things, the real way they do things down here is practice the little things over and over again until its perfect.

While our main coach is Grant Keenan (former Black Ferns coach), we have guest coaches come in who coach the under 19 and under 21 Canterbury provincial team. In addition to this I am able to watch the Crusaders practice and often times do the same drills that I am doing Now that the All Blacks are finished with their series with France, people like Owen Franks and Kieran Reed are back with the Crusaders, so I am very excited to see how they train and possibly meet them.

Club matches are going great and I have played 3 full games since arriving. I did not play this past weekend due to a strained abdomen but expect that I will be back next week. The boys however pulled out a big win over Burnside (our huge rival but no could tell me why, just that they hate them) and we take on a tough Shirley side next weekend who have a Number 8 that also plays professionally in Japan, so it should be an excellent game.

I will continue to send updates on Facebook,

Spencer Krueger

Fourth of July Parade

July Fourth is not only a very important day for our country, it is important for the Stallions.  

It is a fantastic opportunity for us to make the families in our area aware of what  a great experience rugby is for all of its participants.  That's why it is important that the community sees as large a group of us as possible.  All family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Our club succeeds in large part because of the generosity of our sponsors.  With the flyers that we hand out, this is one of the ways we can do something to return a good deed to these great businesses.

This year, our parade participation will give us the opportunity to promote our hosting of the 2018 Olympic Rugby (7s) State Championship at Melas Park on July 14th.  Getting even a small amount of the general public to this event will not only be good for rugby in general, but the Stallions in particular.

And, in addition to all of this, Coach Lapiana has created another great parade tee-shirt.

See you on the Fourth!! 

Spencer Krueger Going Down Under

Arlington Stallions Alum Spencer Krueger (Hersey HS, 2016) has experienced a meteoric rise in his rugby since leaving us and entering Ohio State University.  He went to Columbus two weeks early for his freshman year to train with their rugby club, which enabled him to attain a very special status for any Stallions alum, that of being "First Team - First Week".  He has not relinquished his spot in their side and was recently elected by his OSU teammates to captain their squad for the 2018/2019 school year.  Additionally, in his first two years there, he has also served as recruiting chairman and interim club president.
His performance has not gone unnoticed as he was rated one of the nations Top 15 collegiate players by blogger Alex Goff ( and was invited to play in the Chicago Lions senior side this spring.
We are pleased to tell you that Spencer has been accepted into the Canterbury (New Zealand) Crusaders High Performance Immersion Camp this summer.  This is an 8 week intensive player development program administered by one of the most successful select side programs in the world.  The Crusaders have produced an extraordinary number of New Zealand All Black players and this immersion program has advanced high achieving players from a number of countries to their international sides.
The Stallions, Ohio State and Chicago Lions coaches are unanimous in the opinion that Spencer's future in rugby is as bright as any player we have seen in our collective programs.  He possesses the physical tools, discipline and professional commitment to at some point (with a little luck) take the field as a USA Eagle.  He has made the most of his experience at every level of rugby in which he has participated.  The Crusaders Immersion program will be the biggest challenge he has yet to face.  We all have no doubt that he will be up to the task and will return this summer ready to take some giant strides forward in his level of play.

Path to the Eagles

Here is a link to a very good description of USA Rugby's plan to move our best players into National Team programs.  If you want to know what the requirements are for players who aspire to this level of play, live up to their Golden Truths outlined on the first pagfe of the document.

Using Facebook for Recruiting

In an effort to find as many ways as possible to get the word out about Rugby and the Stallions, we would like as many players and parents to Friend Coach Bergman.  His Facebook page is used only to post bits of news and information about Rugby in general and the Stallions in particular.  Then, when you see an interesting post from Coach Bergman, please Share it with your network of friends.  In this way, we can reach as many potential new Stallions family members as possible.  All current member families should be sure to Friend the Stallions Facebook page as well.  Thank you!

Remind Messaging Update

So far, our messaging system is working very well to get announcements out to our players and families.  That being said, our staff is still on the learning curve with this system.  Therefore, we have to ask that players and families DO NOT use this system in any attempt to communicate with the coaching staff.  At this time, calling or texting the coaches directly to their cell numbers is the preferred and most effective method.  All coaches cell  numbers are listed on the website under Get Connected.  Thank you for your patience.

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