“My 5th grader Kevin was looking for a spring sport that would help him get conditioned for football season. It was suggested by his coaches that he try The Stallions Rugby Club. We did not expect that this would be one of the best sports experiences he has ever had. He started off conditioning with the Stallions on Sunday nights and my first thought was how will this kid keep up with the high school kids? But he did and the older kids were great role models. They were positive, encouraging and inspiring. The Stallions’ coaches were patient, consistent and knowledgeable. They coached the kids on the field during the games! What was to be a temporary conditioning experience has laid the groundwork for a new love. Rugby. Kevin has pushed himself as an athlete, mentally and physically with this sport. He is now a proud Arlington Stallion on the Middle School Team and looks forward to playing with this club through high school.”

Mary Harrington Rabinak, Arlington Heights