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Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Dear Stallions Family,

One of the most important evenings of our calendar is approaching. That's our annual Information/Recruiting Meeting from 5-7 PM at Rocky Vanders Restaurant on Saturday, November 22nd. We have been passing and mailing out flyers at every opportunity since the July 4th Parade, we've ensured our name is out there in the Daily Herald and last week's appearence of the mighty All Blacks at Soldier Field has certainly heightened awareness of our great sport. That is all great stuff. But the best promotion of any endeavor is word-of-mouth. If there is a classmate or family that you think might enjoy joining the Stallions, now is the time to talk to them and the 22nd is the day to get them out to get a taste of what our club is all about.

If you need a flyer mailed or a telephone call placed to a potential member to heighten their interest, just let me know. The better response we get for November 22nd, the more effectively we can plan for a great 2015! 

Thank you,

Paul Bergman, Head Coach

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