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Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Looking back, I know that I speak on behalf of our entire coaching staff when I say that the last two months demonstrated all that is good about our great rugby club.  1) Our middle school U14 side played themselves into second place in the Rugby Illinois State Championship, 2) Our tireless Social Committee put on another fantastic Awards Dinner; 3) We had our largest group ever (>70) march in the Arlington Hts. July 4th Parade; 4) Our entire club pulled together and ran the best Seven's State Championship in the history of Rugby Illinois; 5) Stallions Alum Spencer Krueger is playing great on Senior New Zealand club Marist Albion and 6) Alums Kevin Lydon and Andrew Collins led our HS Sevens squad to its fourth State Championship in five years.

THANK YOU to all who made this happen.  The players have heard me say numerous times that "a team gets what it collectively deserves".  Our club's sole purpose is not to just win games and/or championships.  It is however, our measuring stick and what we strive to doing things right!  It is without arrogance that I say that the minutes of celebration we enjoyed at Melas Park when the Championship was secured was well earned by our entire organization.

Being able to wach our sevens side from the end zone demonstrated the brilliance of Kevin's plan and the discipline of our players to execute it consistently.  That discipline and the courage of all of our players to play through the discomfort of partially recovered injuries and to consistently tackle larger players was an inspiration.

Looking forward, our work toward a successful 2018/2019 has already begun.  The staff is planning our teams' training programs. Our players need to reflect on their individual ability to live up to the Stallions Players Core Values and focus on making improvements in their personal self-management to live up to those values.  Parents need to reinforce with their players the importance of these values, particularly in the context of being great teammates.

RECRUITING: This is 24/7/365!  If you have contact with any family in which a call from one of our coaches will help, let us know right away.  Share Facebook posts from the Stallions or Coach Bergman with your Friends to get the word out.  Friend Coach Bergman on Facebook as he only uses this for rugby news.  We will be scheduling a meeting in the next few weeks to specifically discuss recruiting initiatives.  Please make that meeting with ideas to help us get our membership to a level where we can field full sides at the five levels of competition within Rugby Illinois.

Finally, Good Luck and Thank You  to our graduated Seniors and their families.  Your contribution has helped make the rugby experience positive for all of our members.  We will certainly miss you and look forward to hearing news of your future endeavors.

Post-Script: Players Core Values: 1) Be There, 2) Do the Work, 3) Care About Quality and 4) Be Great Teammates.





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