Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

July Fourth is not only a very important day for our country, it is important for the Stallions.  

It is a fantastic opportunity for us to make the families in our area aware of what  a great experience rugby is for all of its participants.  That's why it is important that the community sees as large a group of us as possible.  All family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Our club succeeds in large part because of the generosity of our sponsors.  With the flyers that we hand out, this is one of the ways we can do something to return a good deed to these great businesses.

This year, our parade participation will give us the opportunity to promote our hosting of the 2018 Olympic Rugby (7s) State Championship at Melas Park on July 14th.  Getting even a small amount of the general public to this event will not only be good for rugby in general, but the Stallions in particular.

And, in addition to all of this, Coach Lapiana has created another great parade tee-shirt.

See you on the Fourth!! 

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