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Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Dear Stallions Players:

Clearly this is not how we saw our 2020 season going. Being realistic, as each day passes without some optimistic news on Covid 19, our chances of some sort of rugby this Spring diminish. That said, most of the Illinois clubs are still hoping for the best.

You need to keep preparing yourselves to be the best players you can possibly be. Rugby is a game best played while physically fit. Fitness is a lifestyle. You need to make sure that is reflected in your daily activities. The world’s best players have always been workout fanatics. It has to be how you live!

 You are all smart young men. You don’t need me telling you exactly what you should be doing. Answer this: Are you doing push-ups, planks, neck work (you can provide your own resistance), running (short, medium and long sprints), agility work, weight lifting at home??? If you are not…get going!

I hope you and your families are all well and that we will see each other soon.

Coach Bergman

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