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High school parents: Due to several injuries and unexpected dropouts, coupled with an incoming freshman class that did not equal our outgoing Senior class of 2017, the number of active high school players is much lower than we ever expected.  Unfortunately, we had to commit to Rugby Illinois' Tier One participation for this season before this problem became obvious.  Fielding a junior varsity (JV) side is a requirement of Tier One.

In order to live up to our commitment to the league, we are now in a position of asking our frosh/soph players to play JV games and Frosh/Soph (FS) games throughout this Spring's schedule.  The good news in this is that these players will have a challenging, eight match schedule.  There are no dates where there are both a JV AND FS match.

The down side of this is that there will be matches where there will certainly be HS juniors and very likely HS seniors as part of the opposing team.  Clearly, this is not an ideal situation.  Please know that the best upperclass players on these clubs will be on their Varsity sides.  We have explained this to the players, but cannot ever be sure that what we tell them at practice will get home to you!

Please also know that in all of these situations we will be monitoring the physical comparisons between our players and their opponents and will make appropriate accommodations to ensure the safest possible playing environment.  You have our promise that we will communicate our situation to all of our opponents in advance to ensure their willingness to comply with this need.  I know all of our opposing coaches to be men of compassion and integrity and I have complete confidence that they will be cooperative.

You should know that, in our club's history, we have routinely had sophomores (and in some cases freshmen) succeed not only in JV matches, but Varsity matches as well.  

Despite what I have just stated, I know that some of you may still have reservations about your freshman or sophomore's participation in JV games.  Our coaching staff will respect your decision should you request that your son not play in any JV matches without any pressure or negative response.  If this is your choice, please communicate this to me directly by Saturday via a call or text message at 847-845-4982.

Sincerely, Paul Bergman, Head Coach

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