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Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

June 18th Highland Games High School Sevens

Hamilton Lakes, Itasca, IL 60143.  Address is either 1 Pierce Rd. or 500 Park Blvd.  Take I-290 south and get off at Thorndale and then go east. I suggest that you carpool as there is a parking charge.  There is also a $20 admission for non-players. Players get into the games free, but the club has a $20/event participation fee.  I have been promised some $5 off coupons.  We are to meet at the entry gate at 8:45 AM SHARP.  If we are late for a game, we will probably forfeit that game. It's not a short walk from the entry gate to the rugby field, so please be on time.  If you have any questions, text Coach Bergman this evening. 847-845-4982.

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