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Dear Stallions Family:

Recently we've asked our player/parents to help ensure that we (Arlington Stallions Rugby Club) have the proper paperwork documenting the identity, age and school affiliation of our athletes. In an effort to comply with the recent Illinois Rugby mandate, we ask for your cooperation. If we do not have the proper documentation, please provide the information to our coaching staff as quickly as possible, ideally before our next match.  Documentation required: MS - Birth Certificate and School ID if available. HS - School ID, Drivers License, or another form of ID showing birth date. 

The following information represents actual excerpts taken from an April 24, 2015 Rugby Illinois Compliance Check Manual, and is now being enforced throughout the state. 


Rugby Illinois exists to promote the growth of youth rugby throughout the state of Illinois. As rugby grows in popularity and more players, coaches, and volunteers become involved, the compliance with the requirements of USA Rugby (USAR) and Rugby Illinois (IR) by member clubs, coaches, and players becomes increasingly more important. RI as a governing body as well as member clubs all need to take an active role to ensure fair competition and the safety, health and well being of the youth players that play. The RI Executive Committee has developed the Compliance Check Program to help ensure that youth rugby in Illinois is safe, fair and compliant with the relevant requirements. 

To help ensure compliance, RI will utilize Volunteers, herein referred to as 'Compliance Checkers', with a reasonable level of knowledge about rugby and compliance requirements to perform Compliance Checks. Compliance Checkers will be limited to members of the Ruby Illinois Executive Committee, Competitions Committee, and Coaches/Administrators of the teams of the teams playing in the match where Compliance Check is being conducted. Compliance Checks may be conducted at four different stages throughout the playing season.

1. Random Matches
2. Announced Compliance Checks
3. All Playoff Matches
4. All State Rugby Tournament Matches 

To assist in the Compliance Check, both the host and visiting teams at each match should be ready to present the following information to opposing coaches and/or compliance 'checkers'  representing RI. To make for a smooth process, RI is asking for the support and cooperation of all member clubs. A best practice is to assemble a player coach binder with the following information which documents the Club's compliance with the requirements of USAR and IR.

In all instances, common sense should prevail and the following documents are not an exhaustive list. Clubs should be prepared to demonstrate their Player's identity, Age (all of the leagues in RI are age-based), USAR Registration (for liability reasons), School Affiliation (RI has boundary rules), and proof of execution of the appropriate Liability Waiver (for liability reasons).

1. Player's Identity (any of the following, photocopies acceptable):
      A. Driver's License
      B. Passport
      C. State or Federal ID
      D. School ID
      E. Other Photo ID such as a health club, community center, park district, YMCA/YWCA, etc.

2. Player's Age (any of the following, photocopies are acceptable):
      A. Driver's License
      B. Passport
      C. State or Federal ID
      D. Birth Certificate 
      E. Newspaper Birth Announcement 
      F. School record showing birth date 

3. USAR Registration or Varsity Status Roster (any of the following, photocopies are acceptable):
      A. USAR Member Card for each player 
      B. USAR Club Roster
      C. USAR Club Member Printout
      D. USAR Varsity Roster Certification

4. School Affiliation (any of the following, photocopies are acceptable):
      A. School ID
      B. Official roster list on school letterhead
      C. Captioned photograph in school yearbook or other official school publication
      D. Boundary Waiver from the Competitions Committee
      E. Home Schooled Players - Letter from school or home educational curriculum provider as evidence of home schooling decision.
      F. Private School Players - (if not affiliated with RI club) - Record of affiliation from the private school
      G. Special Education School Players - Official documentation showing assignment of the student by the school district to the special education school

5. Player Liability Waiver (photocopies are acceptable):
      A. USAR 'Standard' Player Liability Waiver
      B. USAR Varsity Roster Player Liability Waiver

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the new Illinois Rugby compliance bylaws, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Coach Bergman  


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