Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

We are pleased to announce former USA National team member and Captain Mark Sawicki as our guest at the next meeting of the Stallions Leadership Acedemy. Mr. Sawicki was one of the USA's best players from the late 80's to the late 90's and was captain of the Eagles the last time they played the New Zealand All Blacks in the World Cup in the 1991 World Cup. 

The title of Mark's presentation is "Internal Motivation and Self-Perception". To quote Mark, "The two are a necessary marriage in a mental and physical approach to competition". Marks' experience as an elite American football player, international rugby player, mixed arts competitor as well as trainer will allow Stallions players and their family members a view of what makes a truly great athlete succeed.


The lessons that our players will take away from meeting and listening to Mark will impact their future success in area well beyond the rugby field.

This meeting takes place on Tuesday, October 21, from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM in Activity Room B in the NEW Camelot Park Community Center at 1005 E Suffield Drive in Arlington Heights

Please RSVP Coach Bergman as seating will be limited at this presentation.  Call/Text: 847-845-4982

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