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Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Please be informed that, starting on September 1, USA Rugby and Rugby Illinois (the two governing bodies to which our club is responsible) will be implementing a new player/coach registration system.  Based on our communications with oficials of Rugby Illinois, we feel confident in telling you that, while there will be some confusion at the outset, in the long term the administration of our club will be enhanced by this new system.

Payment - Unfortunately, players dues payment will now have to take place in two parts: one to Rugby Illinois and one to the Stallions.  The registration payment to Rugby Ilinois/USA Rugby is something that Stallions club officials had always taken care of out of your total dues payment.  We can no longer do that.  The Stallions will reduce SPRING player dues by the amount that is charged to you by Rugby Illinois, which is $46.50.  

Registration - ALL familes will now have to register their players with Rugby Illinois online.  FallBall paricipants need to start this right away in order to make all of our lives easier.  Forms will be stored online, eliminating the USA Rugby form that you have historically had to fill out.

The UPSIDE - Rugby Illinois and the Stallions will now be a part of the Sports Engine system of sports club administration.  This system specializes in the administration of youth sports organizations and will allow us to have access to their messaging system, which promises to be an improvement in our current system of communication in situations of emergencies and last minute change of schedules.

What You Need To Do Now:  Go to the Rugby Illinois website ( and register your player.  the link box is on their home page and they provide detailed instructions.  The sooner the better, especially for FallBall players.  Returning players will need their USA Rugby membership number.  Text Coach Bergman at 847-845-4982 and he will send it to you.  You can also call if you have any questions.

While this may seem a bit laborious at the outset, we are confident that our administration system will be stronger in the long run.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

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