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Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

From Coach Bergman

Our reality is that this activity can never end for us.  Our player numbers this past season were not what we would have liked them to be in order to function as effectively, or competitively, as we would like.

We have to be aware of possible player recruitment opportunities 365 days a year.  And it has to be done by all members of the Stallions family: Coaches, Players, Moms and Dads.  Not everyone is going to know what a great sport rugby is or how great an experience it is to play with the Stallions.  Potential players and their familes need to be told by those of you who are actually having this experience that they should give it a try.  

In the near future, please be ready to share with anyone and everyone that rugby will be in the Olympics starting on August 6th and a major international Rugby match between New Zealand and Ireland will take place at Soldier Field on November 5th.

We have just completed a new recruiting flyer for the upcoming competitive year.  If you need some to destribute to a youth football team, school or church group, please let one of the coaches know.

As always, if there is someone that you think would benefit from a direct contact from me to talk about the sport, just let me know.    

Thank you!

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