Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Coaches NewsTeam Announcements

Please join us on Tuesday June 16 at Level 257 located at the Woodfield Mall to help celebrate an exciting and enjoyable 2015 Spring Season of Stallions Rugby. Level 257 is a 42,000 square foot playground that is all about the next level of socialiazation. Its also a perfect place to honor our ruggers and to end a great season. The party begins at 6:30 PM and for only $15 per person includes food, non-alchoholic beverages and a half-hour game card exclusively for players and young Stallions' family members. Alcohilic beverages may be purchased.  

Please contact Amy Fasolo at 847-877-4655 to reserve your spot - all Stallions Family Members are invited! Promises to be a great time for all! 

See you there! 

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