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Why Should Football Players Play Rugby in the Spring!!

Of course we in the Rugby community think it is the greatest of team sports.  We are clearly biased.  Here’s why, as a football player, you should use Rugby as your Spring athletic activity:

Ball handling skills – The rugby ball is generally the same shape as a football.  Every practice session and game will give you multiple opportunities to pass and catch the ball, because….

In rugby, (offensive lineman and defensive players take note) EVERY player gets to run with the ball.  On the football field, this will help you to be more secure in ball carrying and contact situations.

Evasive running - As a ball carrier in rugby, you will be challenged to evade would be tacklers and be given plenty of opportunities to attempt to break tackles.

Hone your tackling skills - Conversely, you will get plenty of practice making close quarter and open field tackles.  See below for details on how the coaching and officiating of rugby makes the tackle situation as safe as possible.

Outstanding conditioning – High school games consist of two 35 minutes halves of near continuous play.  No huddles.  Games are challenging.  So are practices to get you ready to play the game well.  This will get you in remarkable shape for your summer football camp.  Far better than any other spring sport.  According to former Hersey All-Conference Two-Way lineman Spencer Krueger, “Rugby 100% improved my conditioning for football as well as improving my tackling technique.”

Driving an opponent backward – This is an important aspect of both football and rugby.  It’s one reason football players adapt quickly and perform well in rugby and an why football players improve after a season or two of rugby.

It’s competitive – Teamwork, discipline and performance in pressurized situations characterize both sports.  Any ambitious athlete should be looking for any opportunity to develop these character traits.

Click here to hear from a high school football program that benefited greatly from relationship of these two great sports:  


Become a successful multi-sport athlete - Some of the most successful college football coaches recognize the benefit of playing multiple sports, Nick Saban of Alabama and Urban Meyer of Ohio State to name just two:

And you can play rugby in college!  Stallions Alumni have gone on to play at these colleges/universities: Ohio State, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Colorado, St. Mary’s (CA), Illinois State, Wisconsin, Louisville, Davenport, Washington (St. Louis), Charleston, Western Illinois, Northern Illinois, Lake Forest and Wisconsin/Platteville.

Sign-Up Day for the 2019 Spring season in January 12 at Camelot Park in Arlington Heights from 9 AM to Noon.  Indoor practice starts on January 13th.  Call or text 847-845-4982 if you have any questions.

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